Reading Accountability: Status of the Class

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I have found over the years that reading accountability is so important. Over the next month I am going to share ways that I keep students accountable AND engaged.

What is it?

Status of the class is a quick and easy way to track and monitor students progress with reading.

Why use it?

It is a simple and efficient strategy for teachers to hold students accountable. It takes away the need for students to waste time with reading logs, but still tells students teachers are watching and want to know their progress. It helps teachers figure out what students are faking or passively reading. Students can set reading goals and use this to help track it.

How do you do it?

Status of the class can be conducted orally, on paper or digitally. I had tried doing it orally and keeping a checklist, but it didn’t work for me. The last couple of years I have given my students a Google Form once a week. This has become part of the classroom routine. I do it as part of my Friday Do-Now.

What do you include on your status of the class?

I ask students to tell me book title, page number, pick an emoji about their thoughts of the book and then let me know if they need help finding a new book.

Look no further

If you are looking for a digital Google Form to use for status of the class look no further. I have a full editable Google Form available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Status of the class has allowed me to keep track of my students reading progress, set goals, and find out who has been lying to me about reading. It has been a game changer for me!

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