Whole Class Behavior Management Strategy

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It is that time of year where behaviors are increasing. I don’t know about you, but everything is getting harder. My students aren’t listening as well, they are testing boundaries and pushing limits. All year I’ve had an individual behavior system in place for all students, but now I needed the next step. 

Last week, I started classroom BINGO.  I have two different sections, so have two different BINGO sheets. My students have been super engaged and excited about it! It is adaptable and can work in any classroom.

I chose to focus on blurting and talking when I am teaching. That has been the biggest struggle for us lately. You can focus on as many skills/tasks as you want. I put three checkmarks on the board next to the BINGO board. Every time the class is talking, I erase a checkmark. At the end of the period, I color in a box for each checkmark left. You can use however many checkmarks you want!

To determine what box is colored in, I use a digital spinner online. I then color in the boxes. The kids are so excited when it is time to color in a box.

This system is totally flexible, can be tweaked however you see fit. Students are invested and takes very little from teacher. In my mind it is a win-win-win.

To make it even more engaging, I have created monthly theme BINGO boards with some images related to the month. I have made February FREE for you! Click here to try it out. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

What is your favorite classroom management system?

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