Prime Day is Coming!

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Prime Day is approaching! To help you get ready, here is a list of some of my favorite classroom items from Amazon.


I promote a classroom of teamwork and collaboration. This often causes my room to be a little noisy. The doorbell is a great way to bring my class back together in a timely and orderly fashion.

Book Stands

I love to display books all around my room. I want books to be on the forefront of my students mind. I also love having kids help me choose which books to display. These book stands work perfectly. I probably own 25 of these.

Mesh Zipper Pouches

These zipper pouches can be used for absolutely anything! I love using them to hold books, task cards, games, or supplies for groups. They are thin and easy to store. The zipper is also very durable and doesn’t break even when I stuff it full. These are also versatile and great for toys as well.

Magnetic Dots

Magnetic dots have been LIFE changing! I have a big white board in the front of my classroom. I like to hang things up on it including a schedule, reminders, games, and anchor charts. Everything is easier to hang with these magnetic dots! They just stick right on and are very heavy duty. I highly recommend.

A Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

I don’t know about you, my students used to destroy my pencil sharpeners. I would end up buying at least a handful of pencil sharpeners a year. Then I splurged and bought a nicer pencil sharpener. Even when my students put tiny pencil pieces, if you know you know, it still lasts. If you are in the market for a pencil sharpener, look no further!


Everything is better in color! I love copying task cards, directions and other important paper on bright color. This way it is easy to spot and can’t be missed. My motto is the brighter the better! This AstroBright paper is my favorite.

Supply Storage Containers

I used to have community supplies that I kept out all the time. My students couldn’t handle this and I would lose glue sticks and markers galore. A few years ago I found an alternative. Best part…these supply storage containers are stackable!

Wireless Presenter

I love to move around the classroom so that I can keep track of what everyone is doing and make sure kids are on task. This wireless presenter allows me to move freely while still ensuring that the screen is projecting the right information.

So we would all love to know…what are your favorite teacher Amazon finds. Help us fill out carts!

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