Make Test Day Fun!

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Test season is officially upon us. While I am sure many of you are like me and not a fan of forcing our students to take standardized tests, we also are not given much of a choice. 

If our students have to take these tests, then I want to make sure I set up the most positive environment for them on test day. Today, I am going to share a few ways to set your students up for success the morning of test day. 

Personalized notes go a long way.

Write Personalized Notes:

Yes, I know this takes time. Yes, I know your hand will hurt. Regardless, I can promise you this will mean a lot to your students. I have written my students notes for the last five years and I have received so many positive emails from parents thanking me. They don’t have to be long or wordy; keep it simple, but make it personalized. You could also print them out on the computer if your handwriting isn’t legible. 😉 

Printed notes are also appreciated. Little gifts if you choose are always a winner as well.

Ask Families to Write Notes

You could also give your families the option to write their child a personalized note for them to read the morning of the test. Just be sure to give families enough time to do this. Also, keep track of which families haven’t sent in notes so you can follow up and/or write one for that student. 

Utilize Positive Self Talk

 Our students need to believe in themselves and know that we believe in them. Post positive affirmations around the room that students can look up and read. This will bring a smile to their face and remind them that they can do it.

Set up a Fun Environment

The morning of state testing, I had a whole class note posted on the front board with some pump up music blasting. On each desk, I had a personalized note. My students walked into school that morning with a smile on their face. It was a very positive way to start the day.

Some song ideas include: Eye of the Tiger, I Gotta Good Feeling, We will Rock You, Happy, The Fight Song, Shake it Off and so many more.

Be Extra

You will soon learn that I can be extra sometimes. One last suggestion would be to wear a cute shirt to pump your students up. I wore my “Go Little Rockstars” shirt and my students loved it.

So tell me…how do you like to support your students on test taking day? I would love to hear!

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