How to Survive Until Summer Break

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Ahh the sweet sweet smell of summer is so close. We can almost taste it. We just need to survive these last few days or weeks. My last day isn’t until June 21 so I still have a ways to go. But I can feel it. The end is coming. 

Are your kids as crazy and wild as mine? Are you thinking to yourself: how am I going to survive the madness to the end? I have a few ideas to help you get to the finish line!

Let Students be the Teacher:

Every year this is always a favorite! I ask my students to select a topic that they either enjoyed or feel like they are proficient in. I then ask them to put together a short mini-lesson and activity to share with the class. I leave it pretty open ended and the creativity is unreal.

Book Talks:

 Let students pick a book to read. Ask them to write a summary (without giving away the ending) and a book recommendation. Students can share this with the class. Sometimes, I have them do a book trailer or slideshow to go along with it. You could also have them record a FlipGrid if you don’t have time for presentations. This will help students find new books they want to read.

Top 9:

I ask students to write or draw 9 of their favorite memories from the year. It is a nice way to reflect and look back on the year together. It also brings lots of laughter and joy. Freebie included.

Self-Checking Resources-Spiral Review:

These are a great way to spiral back to important skills but don’t require grading or prep from the teacher. Some of my favorite ones include: end of year matching, magic word search, sink the ship, and summer trivia just to name a few.

Book Besties:

Every fall, I do a Find Someone Who…but in June I always do a Book Besties Find Someone Who edition. Students walk around the room and get book recommendations from peers. They need to find book suggestions in different genres. Again, this helps them build a summer reading list.

Book Suggestion Posters:

I have my students share book suggestions with their peers. I ask them to create If you liked…then you might like…posters. This is another way for my students to find new book suggestions and build a summer reading list. I have included a link to a freebie. Do you see a pattern yet? I try to get my students excited about reading!

Games or Competitions:

I don’t know about your students, but mine love a good game or competition. This is a perfect way to review concepts from the year and spiral back to important topics in a fun and engaging way. Some of my favorites include: Jeopardy, Try Your Luck, Stinky Feet, trashketball, Jenga or board games.

Spirit Week Theme Days:

Choose some of your students’ favorites and add a little pep to the last few days. Some examples include: decades day, hat day, pajama day, sports day, etc.

Chalk Affirmations:

It is so nice outside…take your students outside and let them draw/write positive affirmations around the school. This will be a good morale boosting activity for your students and school.

Letter to New Students

This might be one of my students favorites each year. They LOVE LOVE LOVE being the wise 5th grade giving advice to the young 4th graders. Not to mention they always give me a good chuckle. I love hearing what they have to say about the year.

When do you get out of school? How do you plan on surviving to the end? What are your favorite activities? Let me know below!

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